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Consignments are THE EASIEST way for you to sell your vehicle!  You don’t have to worry about trying to take off of work to meet people that only want to look at it, or worry about trying to answer your phone, or return calls!  I take care or everything.  All you do is sit back, relax, and collect your check!

You don’t have to do anything, but bring it to me.   I take care of the rest!  We will have it cleaned and detailed and made ready for sale.  There will be NO CHARGE for these services (1)!  That is my cost of making the sale!  We want you to get the most for your vehicle, and we want you to sell it as quick as possible, so we want to make it look the very best!

Most of the time, it doesn’t cost you anything for us to sell the car, and many times, you will actually come out ahead because when we get through, your car looks like a million bucks!

Easy, that’s what we are all about; making it easy for you to buy and sell your vehicles!

If you are interested, give me a call at 575-693-6205.  The procedure is straight forward and simple!

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