Clarification on Donations

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I have had a lot of people ask how the donations work.

  • If you sell your vehicle yourself, then, there is no “Charge” per-se for selling it from our lot.
  • We ask for a reasonable donation when you sell your vehicle.  So far we have had several $30 a couple of $50 a $70 and 2 donations of $100.  Whatever you feel is fair.  The majority of this goes to give away cars to needy families.  (Donations stated are as of 10/1/2011)
  • When you consider Reasonable please consider that the News Journal charges $90 for ads and charges at least $40.  Neither give you the local exposure that you get right here on this lot!
What if you sell it for me?
  • I charge consignment fees.  I am here, I sell cars quick.  That’s what I do.Take a look at my web page if you want to know a little more about me and what I do
  • You may make donations out of your portion of the proceeds if desired.
  • I donate out of my portion of the proceeds.
  • Once again, donations go to give away cars.
How can you say this is a community service project?
  • This is not “Me” giving away a car.  This is everyone working together as a team to better the community.  We keep it safe by keeping our cars in one central location, and we use some of the proceeds from that to help people that really need cars and can’t afford them!

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