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Clovis Park and Sell is a creation of Randy Pruit.  There are a few people who believed in me, and because of them…

My dad James, and my son Bryan have helped make this dream come true!

Elwanda Bell has been of immensurate help in making this real.  Her negotiating abilities and experience in consignment have been invaluable!

Special thanks to Gary  and Seth Hamilton and all my friends at the Hamilton Automotive Group.  They don’t support me here, this is my own project, but they helped me in so many ways; I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for them.  My life is better because of them!  Everyone needs someone to take them in and mentor them.  Thank you guys!

Thanks to Bob Burch of Town and Country Real Estate for his perseverance in getting the lease done!

Special thanks to Peggy Butler, Joel Butler and Jill Butler!
They have given us rent at a reduced rate and helped to make this project possible!

and so many more friends that have supported me through all of the tough times.

Thank you all!

But most importantly, I thank God for being able to provide this service!

I pray that I am able to things that without Him, would be impossible!

He is going to show off! 🙂

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