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Finalizing the sale!

Finishing up the sale is one of the areas where most people fall short. They don’t know what to do with the title, how to get it registered, what documents they have to have.
So, what ends up happening, they just hand over the title, and leave the plate on the vehicle.  They will register it!  Don’t be nieve! You are libel if the car is still registered in your name!
That is where our services come in handy! We can save you time and money in getting your sale finished up (LEGALLY) and both of you on your way!


Don’t be afraid to ask!  What you DON”T know can cost you money!

Call me  575-693-6205

  1. Geraldine
    GeraldineDecember 4,11

    Your cranium must be protecting some very vallaube brains.

    • Randy
      RandyDecember 4,11

      lol! Don’t quite know about that, but, I appreciate the complement!

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