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Safety, Legal, and Quick Vehicle sales!  That is why!

  1. Clovis is starting to enforce zoning restrictions prohibiting parking used vehicles for sale on unimproved property.
  2. There is NO place that you can LEGALLY park your vehicle to sell it!
  3.  Zoned and regulated, ClovisParkAndSell.com provides superior exposure for your vehicle while increasing your customer base through web site marketing.
  4. ClovisParkAndSell.com is a one stop shop for individuals to buy or sell a vehicle.  
  5. TheClovisParkAndSell.com lot is well-lit, paved lot.  It is safe and VERY visible! Located at 21st and Main in Clovis, NM.
  7. The more vehicles that are here, the better they all sell!


Created by Randy Pruit, to help you sell your car as quick as possible!  Our primary objective is to help you sell or buy the car you want at a price that dealers can’t compete with!

To place your vehicle on our lot call 575-693-6205 Ask for Randy Pruit

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